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High performance discrete bipolar operational amplifier, Weiss OP1-BP

Give your design that extra edge!

The OP1-BP is one of the best discrete audio OP-Amps currently available.

Applications include:

- headphone amplifiers and line drivers
- high performance audio
- low noise, low distortion preamplifiers
- high resolution ADC drivers
- high resolution DAC current-to-voltage converters
- low distortion active filters
- high resolution instrumentation amplifiers

The OP1-BP brochure is available here.

The OP1-BP data sheet is available here.



Contact us for OEM versions of:

- DAC2 Firewire D/A Converter

- INT202 Firewire Interface

Contact: Daniel Weiss, +41 44 940 20 06, weiss (at) weiss.ch


OEM partners:



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